1. Experiential Interactive Museum Exhibit Design Company

      Encouraging Engagement…it’s our focus in developing interactive exhibits for museums and we have the creative staff and technical know-how to get it done. Multi-touch, interactive, apps, kiosks, iBeacons, content management systems, database collections and more are all part of the Media Dynamics repertoire in interactive museum exhibit design to make your museum exhibit immersive and memorable.


    • Multi-touch Interactive Exhibits

      Encourage visitor engagement by allowing them to interact with your exhibit. Take advantage of multi-touch custom software and hardware technology to enhance the user experience, enjoyment and retention.

    • Interactive Database Collections

      Allow users to explore, search, sort and interact with your entire database with an interactive touch screen device. Add a content management system to give your museum the power to edit the content and keep up with changing exhibits.

    • Hardware Integration

      Scales, touch devices, levers, push buttons, bill validators, lighting, audio effects and most mechanical devices can be added to your exhibit to engage the audience and provide a rich, interactive experience.

    • Touch Screen, Animated Maps

      Show trends, filter data, adjust time periods and give users the ability to explore their own interests with interactive touch screen kiosks.

    • Interactive Feature Exhibits

      Allow visitors the opportunity to curate their own interactive display with touch screen kiosks. Users can customize a live presentation in real time and even include their own webcam photo.

    • Creative Visitor Interaction

      Allow visitors the ability to custom design their own project by selecting designs, colors, adding their own photo via webcam and then printing out or sharing the final product on social media.

    • Interactive Touch Tables

      Maximize user engagement with interactive touch tables, allowing visitors to sort through and explore documents, pictures and other relevant content. Users can zoom, pan, scroll and move documents around the interactive.

    • Interactive Audio Players

      Immerse visitors back in time through the use of audio interactives that play narratives, interviews and re-enactments to help enhance the interpretive story.

    • Featured Interactive Museum Exhibit Design Project

      Located at the National Czech and Slovak Museum in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Stewards of Freedom is a high impact exit exhibit that spans two walls of the museum. It is an interactive kiosk that allows visitors to reflect on and express their connections to freedom by interactively changing the projected animations. It features

      • Two projections
      • Touchpads to control word, quotation and image choices
      • Integrated webcam to add photos of visitors into display

    • interactive exhibit design

    iBeacons in Museums

    iBeacon is an exciting technology enabling location awareness possibilities for newer iOS and Android devices.
    How it works: A smartphone or tablet with iBeacon technology can be triggered to perform actions when it comes within a certain proximity of a beacon broadcasting its signal. The actual beacon is a physical object the size of a walnut that can be placed in a physical location.

    – Physical Effects

    When a visitor gets within range of a beacon, iBeacon can be used to trigger physical events such as lighting effects, changing audio tracks, animatronics or any other action to enhance the experience or engage the visitor. An example would be allowing visitors the ability to turn on a spot light to show a hidden feature of an exhibit.

    – Location Awareness and Supplemental Information

    iBeacon can show a visitor what exhibit features are physically nearby as they explore the museum. To keep the exhibit space clear of signage and interpretation, iBeacon can be used to supplement museum art and displays showing visitors additional content relating to the exhibit right on their own smartphone or tablet. Examples of these supplemental elements might be videos, background information or other text, slideshows or audio clips.

    – Treasure Hunts/Guided Tour

    Another great use of iBeacon technology is by guiding visitors on a treasure hunt or tour. Visitors would search for clues based on information shown on their museum app and as they find the correct location they would be given new clues to continue their treasure hunt to complete their tour. This makes for a memorable experience while also encouraging visitors to learn more about the exhibit.

    Got an interactive idea? Contact us to see how Media Dynamics can help turn your vision into interactive reality.