Experiential, Interactive Exhibits for Museums and Corporate

Encouraging Engagement…it’s our focus when developing interactive exhibits for museums.  We have the creative staff and technical know-how to build something for you that is truly memorable.  Design, development and hardware integration are all part of the Media Dynamics process.  Our repertoire in interactive museum exhibit design and production allows us to make your exhibit both informative and engaging.

Key Experiential Exhibit Productions

  • Multi-user experiences

  • Photo capture and manipulation

  • Hardware component integration

  • Administrator editability

  • Information gathering

  • Secondary device connection

Museum Interactive Examples

Multi-touch Exhibits

Encourage visitor engagement by allowing them to interact with your exhibit. Take advantage of multi-touch custom software and hardware technology to enhance the user experience, enjoyment and retention.

Interactive Collections

Allow users to explore, search, sort and interact with your entire database with an interactive touch screen device. Add a content management system to give your museum the power to edit the content and keep up with changing exhibits.

Hardware Integration

Most mechanical devices like scales, levers and push buttons can be added to your exhibit to engage the audience and provide a rich, interactive experience. Other devices such as bill/coin acceptors, lights and cameras add another immersive dimension to the experience.

Touch Screen Maps

An interactive map can be used to explore a certain neighborhood, state or country.  See trends, filter content or see location specific data and images can set these exhibits apart from others.  These interactive map exhibits are great ways to tell a story and allow for user discovery.

Visitor Curated Exhibit

Allow visitors the opportunity to be a part of the exhibit by adding their personal touch to it. Users can customize a live presentation in real time by reorganizing content, changing colors and even include their own webcam photo.

Experiential Interactive Booths

Self-standing interactive exhibits with experiential features such as gesture-responsiveness photo sharing, live green-screen type image compositing and interactive mirror capabilities increase engagement, especially with built-in social media sharing.

Custom Photo Booth

Self-contained photo and video booths give visitors the opportunity to record images, stories and experiences and share them over social media.

Interactive Audio Players

Take visitors back in time through the use of audio interactives that play narratives, interviews and re-enactments to help enhance the interpretive story.