Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks

Drive traffic to your experiential marketing event, trade show booth or museum exhibit through the use of interactive kiosks and other technology that engages your audience.  You only have a few seconds to attract your visitors, so let us help you maximize that time with our experience.  We can engage your audience through our strong design skills and technical expertise to create an interactive experience for your next tradeshow, exhibit or event.

Considerations for interactive touchscreen experiences

  • Multitouch

  • Social media integration

  • Virtual environments

  • Mobile capable

  • Kiosk or long-term installation

  • Single or multiuser

Examples of Interactive Applications

Interactive Timelines

Interactive timelines are a great way to tell a story when a series of events happens over time.  Let Media Dynamics be a part of your history and create an interactive that you will be proud to share. Different images, text or video can be displayed based on what date or time has been selected.  This can be a living exhibit where an administrator adds content to it as time passes and significant events happen.

Interactive Word Cloud Kiosk

Interactive word clouds allow users to enter a phrase or word and have it projected onto a wall or screen.  This cloud continues to grow and change as words and phrases are added, liked or downvoted.  The live nature of this exhibit allows a new experience anytime a visitor interacts with it and promotes repeat visits to it.

Interactive Tradeshow Games

Attract viewers to your booth with interactive touch screen games relevant to your product or service. You can use these games to collect user data for post event follow-up and offer prizes to the visitor with the highest score.

Interactive Touch Tables

Maximize user engagement with interactive touch tables, allowing visitors to sort through and explore documents, pictures and other relevant content.  Users can pinch/zoom, swipe and move assets around the interactive. These multi-touch features allow visitors to interact with your products and brand in an immersive and engaging experience.

Data Collection for Tradeshows

Sales presentation apps, self-service kiosks and interactive exhibits with built-in data collection features can help build a database of attendees or other key customers for future contact and outreach.

Interactive Maps

Guide visitors through your business or museum with the use of interactive maps. Use an interactive map to show trends, or filter data to offer greater insight in a specific area or region.  We can create an interactive map for your audience to tell your geographical, region or local story.