Keys to Developing an Engaging Interactive Map

Interactive Neighborhood Map

Help visitors learn, discover and find their way with interactive maps. Interactive maps can be built as a touchscreen display, kiosk, wall or even deployed as an app for use on a phone or tablet. An Interactive map is a valuable tool that is commonly used at trade shows, visitor centers, museums and events.

Customized interactive maps can help your visitors explore areas, wayfind, discover information, plan a visit or route, explore population or data trends, visualize geophysical changes, or provide orientation or guidance on a tour or virtual visit.

Keys to developing a successful interactive map experience:

  • Clearly state the goal of the map – let this be your guidance in terms of the content to include and the type of experience you want for your visitors
  • Define the user groups and characteristics they would like to see utilized in the map –You may want to design separate interface elements for different user groups
  • Build simple stories in key locations on the map to keep the user engaged
  • Develop the interactive to be as personal an experience as possible
  • Describe typical user experience scenarios to help with development of the navigation system
  • Outline other relevant information users may want to access while using the map
  • Consider methods that users may want to use to extend or share the experience such as social media
  • Provide opportunities for visitors to dig deeper into content of interest through the use of videos, pictures or stories

Media Dynamics has extensive experience in developing interactive experiences utilizing maps. We can help tell your visual story or develop a method of discovery through interactive maps. Our experts in user interface development and instructional design will help to develop a method of navigating through an experience that is simple and elegant to use and unique for each user. Our graphic designers and animators will ensure that information is communicated in an appealing and clear manner, while our programmers ensure that the program works seamlessly as designed.

Contact us for more information on developing an engaging interactive map for your event or location.