1. Engaging, Interactive Exhibits and Tradeshow Booths

      We can help drive traffic to your experiential marketing event or trade show booth through the use of interactive kiosks and other technology that engages your audience. Whether mobile, touch, social, virtual, kiosk, app or interactive touchscreens, we have the experience and skills to design an interactive experience or display for your next event.

    Experiential Kiosk Examples

    • Interactive Word Cloud Kiosk

      Users enter a phrase and have it projected onto monitor or screen in an animated word cloud. Images of the cloud or the submitted word or phrase can even be shared on social platforms like Facebook.

    • Data Collection for Tradeshows

      Sales presentation apps, self-service kiosks and interactive exhibits with built-in data collection features can help build a database of attendees or other key customers for future contact and outreach.

    • Experiential Interactive Booths

      Self-standing interactive exhibits with experiential features such as gesture-responsiveness photo sharing, live green-screen type image compositing and interactive mirror capabilities increase engagement, especially with built-in social media sharing.

    • Video/Animation Loops

      Draw visitors into your booth with video and animation loops that present key product and service features in an engaging manner. Multi-touch menus help customize the experience.

    • Event Marketing Sign-up Kiosk

      Popular experiential marketing events benefit from online or self-service sign-up opportunities. Interactive kiosks to reserve appointments help streamline the process.

    • Interactive Photo Booth

      Self-contained photo and video booths give visitors the opportunity to record stories and experiences and then share them over social media.

    • Multi-Touch Kiosks

      Interactive kiosks with multi-touch features allow visitors to explore and interact with your products and brand in an immersive and engaging experience.

    • Interactive Displays

      Interactive exhibits offer the opportunity for visitors to customize their experience. Engage them with tools that allow them to build, design, interact, view and share videos and animations.

    • Interactive Tradeshow Games

      Attract viewers to your booth with interactive touch screen games relevant to your product or service. Collect user data for post event follow-up.

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