• Technical 3D Animation and Product Visualization

    Technical 3D animations can help illuminate the unseen, simplify the complex, visualize a new reality and add excitement. For Media Dynamics, 3D animation is an integral part of what we do. From simple logo animations to complex product demonstrations, Media Dynamics can help enhance your message using 3D animation, for most any application.

Media Dynamics’ 3D Animation Capabilities

    • Demonstrations / Concept Illustrations

      The power of a technical 3D animation or visualization lies in their versatility and ability to go deep into hidden or limited access areas of anatomy or machinery and to clearly illustrate a product or procedure.

    • Prototypes

      Product visualization is valuable to both marketing and manufacturing by providing an inexpensive method for developing virtual prototypes that can be modified before building an actual model.

    • Cut-Aways

      Product cut-aways of 3D models allow the ability to cut deep into a product to reveal its inner workings. This is great for products and processes that are normally difficult or impossible to see such as the inner workings of an engine or similar product.

    • Virtual Tours

      Allow visitors to take their own 3D animated tour of places that are far away, inaccessible or completely virtual.

    • Visual Effects / Compositing

      Visual effect compositing of animated graphics can be used to get attention on a website, video or multimedia splash sequence.

    • 3D Environments

      Portrayal of an environment by nature of its size, complexity and overall space has been difficult using traditional methods, but with a 3D animated virtual solution the possibilities are endless.

Got a 3D idea? Contact us to see how Media Dynamics can help turn your vision into 3D reality.