Media Dynamics Continues Safe Video Production in Milwaukee During the COVID-19 Pandemic

man sitting for interview
Sanitized green screen video studio at Media Dynamics

Video is a key communication tool for most organizations and interviews and testimonials have been a key production technique used in their training, marketing, sales, recruiting and other communication efforts. But how do you continue to produce content in a safe manner, taking COVID-19 video production safety precautions into account?

Media Dynamics has adjusted our COVID-19 video production process and put together several Coronavirus safety-minded packages in order to resume recording professional interviews and testimonials.

Coronavirus Safety Procedures

The following are precautions that Media Dynamics has instituted in order to continue to deliver corporate video interviews and testimonials that adhere to covid-19 safe practices:

  • Social distancing – we ensure that all parties maintain at least a 6’ distance
  • Small groups – we limit our crew to 2 people
  • Minimal time together – we set up and tear down without our client on premise, so they are only present during the actual shoot
  • Off-site Zoom participation – clients and subject matter experts can participate in the video shoot remotely via Zoom or other web conferencing platform
  • Masks – our employees wear masks during the entire production
  • Sanitizing – all surfaces and equipment are sanitized between every video shoot

Safety-Conscious Video Production Packages

In order to offer our clients maximum flexibility in their video production, we have 3 production packages that have been developed specifically with Coronavirus precautions in mind:

1. Web Conferencing (Zoom, RingCentral, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, etc.) recording production services:

We would use your corporation’s preferred web conferencing platform to conduct and record the interview. Our services include:

  • Pre-interview prep call – We meet with the presenter before the interview to test their hardware and internet connection, pick a good location for recording and coach the interviewee on tips for a successful recording.
  • Provide technical assistance to optimize the recording – We work with the interviewee to optimize the camera placement, assist with microphone usage, and suggest lighting improvements.
  • Interview recording and directing – We participate in video recording remotely on the web conferencing platform, provide direction to the presenter and record the interview.
  • Editing – We provide an initial review edit and then perform a final edit based on client feedback. Graphics, animations, text and Powerpoint slides can also be included to enhance the presentation.

2. Remote Video Recording Upgrade:

Due to the fact that web conferencing platforms have inherent video recording issues like choppy video that doesn’t lip synch, pixelization, and poor resolution, we are offering a remote video recording upgrade package.

This package is a total hardware and software solution that is shipped to interviewees before their interview. The package consists of a simple to use tablet computer, headset microphone and small interview light with everything pre-configured. It  also includes instructions and pre-paid return packaging and labels. This package solves problems inherent in most web conferencing recording by providing:

  • True HD, fully lip synchronized video quality –This package includes a tablet computer that records directly to a hard drive (bypassing wifi shortcomings) using a high quality 1080 webcam that records at the standard 30 frames per second. 
  • Enhanced audio quality – The package includes a high-quality headset microphone, pre-wired and setup for hassle-free use.
  • Simple lighting enhancement – A small desktop light is included in the package which will greatly improve the appearance of the interviewee.
  • Fully pre-configured system – The system is completely set-up and tested before each use making it virtually ‘plug and play’.

In addition to providing a hardware/software solution, this package includes the same services as Package 1 utilizing your preferred web conferencing platform:

  • Pre-interview prep call
  • Provide technical assistance
  • Interview recording and directing
  • Editing

3. In-studio or remote (interviewee’s home or office) “Gold Standard” package

This package is the traditional High Definition video recording package using an HD camera, professional lighting and audio package and green screen or location background. This package has the interviewee show up at our studio for the video shoot or has the production equipment and crew set up at their own home or office. An interviewer or Subject Matter Expert can participate remotely via a web conferencing platform. We have updated the package to take into account concerns regarding Coronavirus:

  • Only two production staff participate on each shoot – the videographer and teleprompter operator/ producer
  • No one else is present at our office location
  • All surfaces are sanitized between uses
  • Masks are worn by the 2 employees
  • Social distancing is adhered to

This package also includes a per-interview prep call, technical assistance, interview recording and directing, and editing.

Complete Video Production Services

In addition to recording your interviews or testimonials, we offer complete turn-key video production services, including:

  • Transcriptions – we can provide transcripts for each video recording
  • Editing  – Following each recording, we provide a review edit for review and a final edit
  • Editing enhancements – We can enhance the video interviews with the use of graphics, text and animation