1. Web Development

      We believe a website should go beyond the printed catalog. From custom-built to content-managed sites, Media Dynamics has the expertise to build a web presence that fits your organization’s needs. Web browsing should be an interactive experience that allows the visitor an opportunity to explore, learn, buy or be entertained. Through the integration of Flash animation, interactive components, PHP, Javascript, video, and audio, we can help turn your site into an engaging, immersive experience.

    Full Web Services Include:

      • Graphic Design UI/UX

        Good interface design and well placed interactions are keys to delivering a web experience that is both a pleasure to look at and an experience worth visiting again. Media Dynamics has an in-house graphics team to work with you to create custom graphics or we can work alongside your team to produce rich graphics that fulfill your unique needs, design guidelines, and standards.

      • Content Creation

        Content needs to be rich in its offerings and succinct in its delivery in order to drive traffic to your site and turn visitors into returning customers. We have content writers on staff to help you write and organize your material to best describe and showcase your business, product, or service. We also offer SEO services that compliment this effort to make your site visible on the top pages of Google, Bing and other search engines.

      • Platform Selection

        Choosing the right tool for building a website is just as important as the design and content. Depending on what platform is chosen can make a big difference to how your site is structured and what content is easily editable by you. Media Dynamics works with both WordPress and Joomla CMS platforms and can help you decide which one is right for your situation. We also have web developers on staff that are experts in HTML5 and CSS3 to help with any custom web development that you may need.

      • Development

        Just like any building project, building a website requires a knowledgeable and efficient team to deliver the site from concept to reality. Whether it is built with HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, or ASP, it needs to have a strong structure and be maintainable and scalable to accommodate the vast array of site visitors. We have in-house developers that are versed in the latest web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 and are able to develop for both desktop and mobile devices.

    Got a web idea? Contact us to see how Media Dynamics can help turn your vision into web reality.