1. Mobile App Development

      Media Dynamics’ app development focus is on mobile apps designed for the business-to-business market for use with iPad, iPhone or Android phones or tablets. No Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja or iKamasutra. Your project is unique; its goals, audience, personality and requirements. We provide custom app solutions, specifically tailored to accomplish your unique business requirements.

      • CustomPitch Sales Presentation App

        CustomPitch is a custom-branded, updateable iPad presentation app that allows you to store and present all your materials from within one app. It has a branded interface that is completely customized in both look and feel to suit your organization’s specific branding guidelines and method of organization and presentation. Since it is a native iPad app, all content is stored on the ipad and is deployed enterprise-wide. The app is easily updateable by your internal staff and Push notifications let your users know when new content is available.

        Visit our CustomPitch site for more information about our iPad sales presentation app.

      • Custom App Development

        Whether for iPad, iPhone or Android phones or tablets, our proven development process ensures speed of development, adherence to design specs, and delivery of a quality app within budget.

        Whether your primary objective is to:

        • Increase brand awareness and loyalty
        • Drive measurable results
        • Provide time-saving tools
        • Engage your customers or sales force

        We can develop an app that is creative, useful, flexible, and maximizes the user experience.

        Local Tech Solutions Partner

        Media Dynamics has been providing marketing, sales and training tools to medium to large businesses for over 20 years. We take pride in helping your business succeed. And all our work is done in the U.S.; we understand the business climate in which you compete.

    Got an app idea? Visit our app development website to see how Media Dynamics can help turn your vision into mobile reality.